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Journey of Dennis Lloyd to Reach His Passion

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Journey of Dennis Lloyd to Reach His Passion

Journey of Dennis Lloyd to Reach His PassionPeople love music. In this case, their love of music may only make people enjoy listening to music. On the other hands, there are also some people who really love music so they do not only listen to the songs and other musical arts, but they also choose to become musician. They want to do more than just listening so they perform and make their own music. Dennis Lloyd is one of them. He is one of the famous musicians that got popular quite easily. However, it does not mean that his journey is easy and it is good to know more about him and his path in music.

Dennis Lloyd is still quite young. He was born on June 18, 1993. From his name, those who only know his music and songs may think that he was from Europe or America. However, in fact he is an Israeli. Dennis Lloyd is not his birth name. His name is Nir Tibor. This is the name given by his parent. He was born in Tel Aviv Israel. The Nir Tibor is his Hebrew name. However, he decided to change his name once he started to pursue his career as musician.

However, this will be explained latter. In his childhood, Dennis Lloyd grew in a nice family. His family did not limit and restrict his future. They gave him freedom to choose what he wants to be as adult. Actually, his interest in music was since childhood. Thus, he started to learn how to play music instrument. First, he learned to play trumpet when he was even not 8 years old yet. Then when he was 8, he had been able to play the trumpet really well. Then, he continued to learn other instrument. . After that, he learned to play guitar when he was 13. He also could learn it really fast.

Journey of Dennis Lloyd to Reach His Passion

His passion in music grew stronger when he was teenager. When he was in high school, he started to listen to Kesha’ song and even started to cover the songs. He recorded his covers and shared them on YouTube channel. He could have nice covers and actually the quality was great. However, his peers in high school did not really like him and his taste of music. Even, his friends saw him as someone strange and weird because his music preference was different from his friends. These made him discouraged. His friends also asked him to play other music that his friend liked. However, he did not want them and he still loved his preference. Then after he finished his high school, he went to military services. In Israel, this is compulsory but Dennis Lloyd saw this as something that delayed his passion in music. That is why after he completed the military services, he went to Thailand to pursue his dream and passion.

When he moved to Thailand, he even only brought two bags. First bag was for his clothes. The second bag was for his music. He called it as his studio. He really got his studio in new place. He had studio in Bangkok and he spent much of his time to write his songs and even record them. It was not only because he was so passionate in music but he chose the isolation because people in there mostly did not speak English so it was hard for him to communicate. Moreover, he could get access of internet in his studio.

He uses his tools to record the song. He used laptop, microphone, and his trumpet. After some efforts, he could understand the process of recording with trumpet and his equipment. He acknowledged that it was not easy process because he had to record the trumpet and then he also needed to mix the sounds to produce the music. Even until now, he still considers that these are not easy to do. During his trials and errors, he recorded the song that made him famous, Nevermind. This song was inspired by his loneliness when he was alone in Bangkok, place far away from his home when he had no one.

His first single was titled Playa that means say that. He released his song in 2015 before he moved to Thailand. During his stay and productive loneliness, he made 35 songs and it only took a year for these. After that, he returned home to Israel to complete the recording. After he returned, he could record the songs properly. Then, he released his famous hit, Nevermind. At that the same time, he also released the song, Snow White.

When he got more famous, he decided to use the name of Dennis Lloyd. It does not mean that he wants to hide his identity as Israeli. In fact, he never hides it and even often talks about his identity as Israeli. He chooses to use the alter name of Dennis Lloyd so people can easily know his name. By using this name, he also avoids of being discriminated by people. Then, the English name made him comfortable because he does not need to tell people about the correct pronunciation of his name. Many people say his name in similar tone as Neil that will have meaning of agricultural field.