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Dennis Lloyd and His Journey to Pursue His Career as Musician

Dennis Lloyd MusicBlog, Musik Dennis Lloyd and His Journey to Pursue His Career as Musician
Dennis Lloyd and His Journey to Pursue His Career as Musician

Dennis Lloyd and His Journey to Pursue His Career as MusicianSome musicians or singers and song writers may have smooth journey. However, there are also some of them who have got face some struggle and hardship to reach success. Even, some people cannot reach the success after working for many years. In this case, it is nice to see the story of Dennis Lloyd. He is a songwriter and singer. He got famous after his song, Nevermind, got many listeners in many countries. Even, his song could reach top charts in some countries that make him so popular and he is still active until now. However, to reach the current position, he got his own efforts and struggles.

Dennis Lloyd was an Israeli musician. He was born in Tel Aviv on June 18 1993. This means that he is now is 30 years old. When he was born, his parents granted him Hebrew name, Nir Tibor. However later, he used English name, Dennis Lloyd when he started to get popular with his music. As for the reason, it will be discussed later. In his childhood, he got supportive parents. His parents were not conservative people who always directed him to be what they want in the future. Instead, his parents gave him freedom so he could pursue his passion and his parents support it.

With the support of his parents, Dennis Lloyd could know that he loves music. Thus, he started to walk on his passion by learning how to play music instruments. He started with trumpet. He learned quite quickly so when he was 8 years old, he has got good skills to play the trumpet and play some songs without any troubles. After that, he started to play guitar. When he was in high school he started to make his music. He did not start it by writing his own music. He made many covers and he loved to listen to Kesha’s songs.

He recorded his covers and published them in YouTube. His covers are great even when people listen to these now. However, he did not get good responses from his peers. It is not because they thought that he played bad but it was because his music preference was different from his peers. Among his friends, it can be said that he was different and these made his friends discourage him. Even, they asked Dennis Lloyd to play the songs that they liked. Regardless the discouragement, he still played what he liked and he still did what he usually did with his music. After he completed his study in high school, he should go to military services. This was compulsory so he could not avoid it. If he could choose, he surely would never take it because he thought that the military services only delayed him in pursuing in passion in music. Thus right after he completed the services, he decided to move to Thailand.

When he moved to Thailand, he did not bring many bags. He only had two bags. The first one was for his clothes and the second one was for his instruments and tools which he called as studio. In Thailand, he chose to find a studio in Bangkok. Although he moved to another country, he did not spend much time outside the studio. Instead, he locked himself in the studio and it was like isolation. He chose this way because he could not communicate well with the people around him because most of them did not speak English. In addition, he loved staying inside the studio because he got internet connection so he could work.

Dennis Lloyd and His Journey to Pursue His Career as Musician

His decision to stay in studio made him productive. He started to write songs and he could make more than 30 songs in a year. He also learned how to record and mix his music. He recorded by using his laptop, trumpet, and microphone. He acknowledged that these were not easy to do. Moreover, he used trumpet instead of other instruments. However, he could deal with the process well and he made good songs. After a year, he decided to return to Israel. He wanted to record his songs properly in his hometown. After his return, he worked on his songs and released Nevermind that made him very popular. At the same time, he also released Snow White.

As for the name, he chose to use English name, Dennis Lloyd. He did not want to get discriminated by using his Hebrew name. Thus, English name of Dennis Lloyd was picked by him. He did not want his identity as Israeli became issues for him to pursue his dream. However, it did not mean that he neglected his identity. In many cases and interview, he said that he was Israeli and he had no problem with it. The English name was to help him so he could be known easier by people. Moreover, he was also aware that his name was often pronounced wrongly. Many people think that Nir is similar to Neil. He did not want to keep telling people his name so he chose Dennis Lloyd that will be easier to know and spell.